Mommies Welcome!


I can’t tell you the joy I feel at being a mommy.  I came to motherhood late in life so for me I felt doubly blessed.  (Al-Hamdulillah -Praise be to God) Just a couple of years before my daughter was born I was advised by several doctors to have a complete hysterectomy and was told in no uncertain terms that I was too old, and because of medical problems too unhealthy to ever carry a baby to term.  (I will explain more about this later – in a special series I will title “flashbacks-)  But I put my faith in Allah (God) and two years later my daughter was born, healthy, naturally and with no problems.  And all the praise goes to Allah, who I know makes ALL THINGS POSSIBLE. 

Possible but not always easy:)  It has been a humbling,thrilling, funny, frustrating, touching, crazy, wondrous, fulfilling, exasperating, learning experience that I can’t believe I am still just in the beginning stages of completing.  Wait, did I say complete?!  No way, it will never be complete…I’ll always be mommy.  Just as my mom is, this experience has made me value and appreciate her and all mothers so much.  So I’m starting this blog to share this wonderful journey and also to meet others on the same path.  Share with you, learn from you, and hopefully we can help each other to raise children who will please Allah, contribute to this Ummah (Muslim community) and to all of society as well.  May Allah bless with the tawfiq (ability to do a job well) to be good Muslim Mommies!

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