Lesson for my children – Never give up

Today was not a great day.  Nothing is working out the way I had hoped for my business and it looks like an investment I made is going to lose money.  Money that I can’t afford to lose at this time.  I allowed myself to feel a little down for a moment and then I had to straighten myself back up and get over it.

As a Muslim I feel it shows a lack of faith to wallow in self-pity!  To feel it for a moment is human.  But to wallow is disbelief.  Because I have to believe that Allah is constantly blessing me and enriching my life in ways I see and in ways I don’t.  For that I am grateful.  I am thankful that Allah is my protector, my Wali, and that He is Ar-Rahman.  So the business I thought was so great was not but that doesn’t mean that Allah will not bless me with a great business.  Instead it means I have to step back, learn what Allah wanted to teach me with this lesson and apply it to the next opportunity that will surely come.  Because Allah’s words are ALWAYS true.  AFTER THE DIFFICULTY COMES THE EASE!  I only hope I can imprint this grateful resilience into the hearts of my children.  InshaAllah

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