Aunty of twins

Al Hamdulilah, my brother and his wife have been blessed with twin boys!  May Allah have mercy on them.  I remember long ago as a young girl how much I admired the camaraderie of twinship.  There always seemed something magical about being a twin.  How I wished I could have been one and having missed that boat I wished to be the mother of twins,  I dreamed of dressing them in matching outfits and playing can you tell them apart games with friends and family.  Sounds cozy and wonderful right?

WRONG!  Now as the mother of two I wonder how anybody with twins makes it through the first year let alone the next 17!  I know Allah only gives you what you can handle and He must have known that twins was more than I could manage.  I get down on my knees and thank Him that I don’t have twins!  And I say may Allah give you strength and mercy if you have them.  Please tell me how you make it?  My sister-in-law is in shock.  She told my brother she doesn’t think she wants anymore and he was very upset.  They only have three children how could she consider stopping now?  But I know exactly what she is thinking.  She is thinking I am struggling with raising this two year old which is a 28hour a day job how will I handle two more?

I am smiling as I write this because I KNOW that Allah makes all things possible with His help, things you didn’t think you could do, you look back and see you not only did it, but you EXCELLED!  But I am curious as to what advice you would give a new mother with twins or just a new mother period.  For myself I can only say Pray…often


  1. Asa,
    Wafa here again…i left a comment on an ayah a day as well.
    I am a mom of twin boys…they were born on march 11th, 2011 alhamdulillah. 3 months later i found out i was pregnant again! Another boy mashaAllah born on march 31st 2012. So mashaAllah Allah blessed me with 3 lovely boys over a period of 12 months. SubhanAllah! It is very challenging but eventually things fall into place and start getting easier…or u just start getting better at it by Allah’s help. I can’t imagine my life without my terrible three!!!


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