what does your toddler eat?

My four year old only wants to eat noodles.  My two year old only wants “mommy milk” (see previous post).  During this weaning process with my son I can convince him to eat one small meal a day.  A good day will yield two small meals and that is it!  By small meals I mean half a bowl of noodles and some yogurt.

I am so jealous of mom’s whose kids eat heartily.  I asked one mother how she accomplished plate cleaning and she proudly announced that she sits at the table with a belt and they get spanked for not eating.  This eerily reminded me of the “soup Nazi” character from Seinfield and I was afraid.  I don’t want to force the food down their throats but short of that I don’t know what to do.

I understand the new Jessica Seinfield and others craze about hiding and disguising nutritious foods in with their favorite treats.  But this will not work for my four year old who has the most sophisticated palate of any person I have ever met.  She can detect the slightest alteration in her noodles and rejects any version other than the original.

Al Hamdulilah (Praise be to God) right now they seem to be healthy and developing naturally.  The doctor has advised that I don’t worry about it.  This is a stage that they will grow out of but still I worry.  It just doesn’t seem right that she should go to bed at night and all she has eaten for the day is two or three bowls of noodles.  I wonder what the experiences of other parents are?  Did your child eat and how did you encourage it, (in a productive healthy way) when she didn’t?

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  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    Every child is different, and I think they have their natural inclinations towards the amount of food they eat, despite what you do as a parent. My son who is 5 doesnt eat much, but my 3 year old daughter is a good eater masha’allah.

    I would advise you to try different things, and then capitalise on what works. I am yet to meet a child who doesnt like chicken nuggets and chips, so if thats all you can get into them maybe you should give it a try. As a healthier alternative make your own at home, and maybe try baking the ‘chips’. Try finger foods, children love eating on the go, I know with my son the main reason he doesn’t eat so well is because it interrupts his playing time. So finger foods are great, try chopping up various veggies, fruits, bits of toast, rice cakes, anything they can eat on the go. Other kids love being fed, when my daughter wont eat if i feed her she finishes all her food. As she’s normally a good eater i dont normally do this as i prefer her to feed herself, i normally reserve for when she is sick and not eating well.

    Also have you tried putting things on your sons noodles? I know my son wont eat noodles with a tomato based sauce, but he will eat them with a creamy mushroom sauce, maybe worth trying?

    I find most kids i’ve come accross love moist things such as watermelon, mandarine, oranges etc. Try making soup, some kids love soups and will have veggies in their soup that they’d never eat on their own. One sister i know purees veggies and mixes in with mashed potato and hides them in that way. Personally i dont have the patience, but whatever works. Just try experimenting with different things and insha’allah you’ll find out what works with your kids.

    And I wouldnt worry about it too much, like the doctor said they’ll probably grow out of it. And i think if you really stress about it they may pick it up and it may potentially add to the problem as they discover its a way of getting your attention.

    Insha’allah its a temporary thing and they grow out of it soon 🙂


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