Does my Jumuah count?

Does my Jumuah count if I spend the entire time worrying about my busy toddlers?  I hope so!  I just returned from Jumuah prayer. (Friday Muslim worship prayer service)  My two year old loves the wide open space of the prayer hall and enjoys the opportunity to run wild.  My four year old daughter loves to help by loudly yelling at him to “stop” and “sit down”.   ” Be quiet”, she shouts helpfully.  Every time we go, it is an adventure.  The journey begins with the morning preparations.  When we argue over whether they will eat breakfast.  Can my daughter can wear her pink princess outfit,  where has my son hidden his socks today?  (He loves to go in his sock drawer and pull all the socks out and hide them.)  Generally by the time we are loaded into the mommy mobile I am already tired and frustrated.  Not exactly the peaceful state you want to have when starting your Jumuah prayer.

When packing a bag for prayer I generally try to take at least two quiet toys they can play with, anything that will basically sitting still for the length of the khutbah.  Sometimes this works great.  Sometimes not.  I am trying to teach them to respect the masjid.  I don’t know how to teach them this without taking them and getting them used to the protocal of the masjid.  If I don’t take them, then whenever they go they will be very excited about being in a new place.  If I take them all the time then they feel free to be playful and noisy because they are very comfortable there.  It is a quandry.

Meanwhile, I really need the solace and benefits of praying in congregation.  I’m trying to give Allah my best.  I feel like Allah deserves my concentration and my focus.  It’s about the respect, gratitude and love I feel for Allah.  I reallly would like to show that with my effort.  Jumuah is an effort but I wonder if it is accepted because, honestly, my concentration and focus is not there.  I’ve already heard that Allah looks at your intentions.  It’s been told to me that Allah will reward me for the effort and He understands the difficulties of motherhood.  And in my mind, I understand that, but in my heart I wonder…


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