Toddler Visits

As-Salaamu-Alaikum, (peace be with you)

I haven’t had a chance to write lately because I am travelling.  I am staying with my family out of town.  We are here for an extended visit and it has taken some adjusting for all parties.  I have two toddlers, ages 2 and 4.  And i just want to give some quick tips to help make overnight visits with a toddler more comfortable for all.

1.  Please put glass and fragile items out of reach.  (Yes, I know I should control my children and watch their every move but it just is not physically possible at all times.)  They should not touch your fragile items but I have noticed that my son seems to be on a seek and find mission to find every possible breakable item and THROW IT.  (FYI plants, flowers and trees fall into this category)

2.  Understand that part of how toddlers explore new environments; is that they roam, pick up, touch, taste, etc, everything they can.  My children are not bad, but they are busy.  As a mother I am frantically running behind them to save  your  precious collectibles.   I am greatly concerned that my little darlings might actually damage something of yours.

3.  Please bear with us with patience.  As you criticize, sigh, roll your eyes, and threaten them, keep in mind that I their mother am trying my best to teach them not to act on their natural toddler instincts.

4.  Please put all of your toxic, household cleaners out of reach.  Yes, I know that they should not be under your kitchen/bathroom sink but it is so irresistible to a two year old.  And although my kids have not yet opened up a bottle of cleaner and swallowed, (AL Hamdulilah -Praise God) I am fully aware that it is something they COULD do.  I would rather avoid the possibility if I could.

5.  Keep your doors locked.  I know you always do right?  However even for moment, if you forget, a toddler is like a prisoner with an open jail.  THEY WILL ESCAPE!  My son loves to open the door and wander outside.

6.  If you feel you should not have to make any changes to your household to accommodate your toddler guests, you don’t.  Just be aware of the choice you are making and the chances you WILLINGLY incurred.  Because a parent can’t watch everything.

7.  Be patient always, forgive and overlook much, and remember that they are children and that the day will come when you will look back on these times with fond remembrances.

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  1. Goodness! As I am siting here typing on the computer, my son just came and forcefully reminded me of one other. TODDLERS LOVE COMPUTERS, PRINTERS, FAXES AND BASICALLY ANYTHING WITH BUTTONS!!! If you computer or electronic equipment is particularly sensitive or valuable please protect it during any toddler visit. ESPECIALLY AN EXTENDED VISIT!


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