Okay I give up, I spanked him.

As-Salaamu-Alaikum, (Peace be with you)

I admit it. I spanked him!  He is sooo busy.  I have to admit I am starting to lean towards, he is just bad.  We are visiting at my sister’s house.  He has broken her fax machine cover, lost some of her jewelry, broken her remote control and damaged her cordless phone.  But this is not the reason I spanked him.  Yesterday he took her “Tiffany” style lamp and knocked it to the floor scratching the glass.  Immediately he ran and sat in the “naughty chair”.  A chair that he is very familiar with because he is in it so often.

He earned a spanking by scaring me to death!  My sister lives very close to a beach and park.  To get there from her house he only has to walk down a semi-busy street.  Two days ago, I could not find him in the house.  After searching all three floors of this huge house I ran frantically down her long driveway to look for him.  When I didn’t see him, I searched the house a third time.  Still no baby.  I ran back outside and started running down the street to look for him.  No baby.  Frantic, praying desperately, I ran back up the driveway.  Suddenly he opens the handy man’s car door and jumps out.  My sister had a handy man over doing some home repairs.  He jumps out of this man’s car, (A stranger) where he had been sitting and playing with the gentleman’s fast food leftovers.  And in the process dumped a whole container of shrimp sauce over the man’s car seats and steering wheel!

Although I was ecstatic to see him.  Thankful, (Al-Hamdulilah, Praise be to God), that he he had not wandered down the street and gotten killed or kidnapped.  I could not believe that he had opened her door walked out of the house and wandered into a parked car!  I admit partial responsibility.  I should have kept a better eye on him.  But it just is not possible to watch him every second of the day.  So I gave in to the tried and true method.  I spanked him.  I didn’t beat him.  Just a light spanking on his buttocks to let him know when I say don’t touch the door!  (A command I had previously given several times.) I mean DON’T TOUCH THE DOOR!

What would the Super Nanny say?  Any suggestions for dealing with a two year old busy bee would be appreciated.


  1. How about a latch for your door that he cannot open? A 2 year old should not be walking down the street to your sister’s house on his own. He should not be able to get out of the house on his own and should only be in rooms of the house that are fully childproofed unless he is supervised.


  2. My home is totally childproofed. Unfortunately I am staying with my sister, who is not sympathetic. I had a childproof latch for her door that I provided while we are her. But she asked that I remove it. She feels I should just have better control of him and she does not believe in childproofing. Very frustrating for me because I do my best to supervise him at all times but it just is not physically possible to be everywhere at once.


  3. What an awful situation to be in. I just spent a month at my mother-n-law’s house, which was also not childproofed and could not be childproofed without major renovations, so I spent the whole month very carefully watching over my kids, especially my toddler.

    I think it is unreasonable to expect a one or two year old to understand right from wrong. They just act on impulse and while you can slowly start to teach them what is okay and what is not by explaining it using simple language and redirecting them, they will not “get it” until they are 3, 4 or 5 years old. It doesn’t mean the child is “bad”. It just means you have to have age appropriate expectations for their behaviour.

    If you have to stay with your sister and if she refuses to child proof, I don’t see what option you have other than to keep your child in your sight at all times. Take him into the room that you are in and close the doors and ensure he stays there with you.

    I can see why you are frustrated!


  4. Thanks for the sympathy/understanding. We have to be here until August because I am helping with a sick parent. But it is a struggle. I am hoping that as he gets used to this new environment and new set of rules he will settle down a little bit. And I already see that happening…somewhat. But I sympathize with him as well. He is far away from his home, his dad and he has 4 or 5 people constantly harassing him about everything he touches. He also doesn’t have the undivided attention of his mom that he usually gets at home. Poor baby.


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