Get kids out of the house on time with… The tomorrow box

Salaams, (peace to all)

“I can’t find my shoes!!!”  Words a mother dreads.  They inevitably come as soon as the final countdown to leave the house has already begun.  On various days I could substitute; coats, mittens, socks, glasses, homework, backpack and of course hat for “shoes”! It really didn’t matter what the actual item was, the result was the same.  LATE…AGAIN!  I know there are mom’s who have this problem well in hand, but I was not one of them.  In my house we resolved the problem with frantic searches, empty threats, tears and angry sparring.  After one terrible morning, of letting my frustrated and crying daughter out of the car fifteen minutes late, I decided this was no way for either of us to start the day!

One of the hardest things I’ve done is get my household organized.  Together my daughter and I have devised a solution that works for us.  The Tomorrow Box.  The tomorrow box, is a little canvas box that stores all of her items that she needs for the next day.  Items go in the box in the order that they should come out.  So undershirts, for example, are on top and shoes are at the very bottom. Even her eyeglasses, in their case, are on top of the shoes.  The only item not in the box are her coat and her toothbrush.  Absolutely EVERYTHING else is included.  School clothes are already pressed and folded neatly.  If you live in an organized house this small step probably seems unnecessary to you.   But in the organized chaos that is our home and her room, this was a lifesaver.  Or maybe I should say relationship saver.

When she goes to bed at night we both make sure the tomorrow box is completely equipped for the next day.  Now when we leave for school, on time, we arrive with smiles on our faces.  We give salaams, a quick kiss and the day is started the way Allah intended it…PEACEFULLY!


    • I know!!! That is terrible. Sorry! I am getting back to it this week! I really miss, blogging. Just been incredibly busy. But I love the fact that people are still reading and appreciating.


  1. Salams, I’m a new blogger and just came across your blog. Love this idea,will be using it in the future to get myself a little more organised!


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